Manon Schutz

University of Oxford

Manon Schutz - University of Oxford

I am interested in the funerary culture of ancient Egypt, especially the use and meaning of beds inside tombs as well as the multiculturalism observed in the Roman Period of Egypt. I am a contributor to the Trusted Source project.

Print of an Egyptian sarcophagus

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The Egyptian temple in Egypt at Biddulph Grange

What is Egyptomania?

The term Egyptomania refers to the enthusiasm for everything that is related to ancient Egypt. Although Egyptomania has been seen in many places and at many times, several peaks are especially noteworthy.

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Shabti fragment from a box marked 'Minor Egyptian Antiquities', Kingston Lacy

What is a shabti?

A shabti is a generally mummiform figurine found in many ancient Egyptian tombs. The meaning of the Egyptian term is still debated, however one possible translation is ‘answerer’, as they were believed to answer their master’s call to work in the afterlife.

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