Phil Dyke

Coast and marine adviser, Cornwall

Phil Dyke - Coast and marine adviser

The sea was Phil Dyke’s day job, but when not at work he could still be found messing about in boats, or taking in the view from a coastal path.

Phil Dyke, Coast and marine adviser

We’re very sorry to report that, after a short illness, Phil passed away on 6 April 2021. The thoughts of everyone at the Trust are with his family, as we remember Phil with love and gratitude for his lifetime’s work.

During 30 years with the National Trust, Phil witnessed changes in the coastal environment that was both his speciality and passion. And he not only witnessed it – it was his job to advise and support colleagues as they dealt with the UK’s constantly shifting coastline.

His career with us began on coastal and marine issues on the Isle of Wight and he then moved to Cornwall. The county became his base as he continued to work across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

As the ‘go-to’ person for marine issues, Phil’s media appearances included the Today Programme, Costing the Earth, the Six O’Clock News, and both national and local print media. His radio experience was equally varied, from regional radio to the Voice of Russia.

Phil helds an MSc in Environmental Management from the University of London and taught on coast and marine management. While he was happy in the university lecture theatre, the coast was his natural habitat.

One special place for Phil was Messack Point on the Carrick Roads in Cornwall. He described it as: 'An estuary landscape where land meets sea – a perfect blend of natural and cultural land and seascape, ideal for refreshing the soul.'