Restoring Quarry Bank

Head Gardener, Quarry Bank

Sarah Witts - Head Gardener, Quarry Bank

Head Gardener, Sarah Witts, looks forward to the restoration of Quarry Bank’s neglected 1830’s glasshouse

The glasshouse at Quarry Bank which is set to be restored

In the early 19th century, industrialist Samuel Greg moved his family from Manchester to the newly built Quarry Bank House in Cheshire. The Gregs created formal pleasure gardens, the landscaped Northern Woods, and a walled kitchen garden.

The centrepiece of the walled garden was a magnificent domed glasshouse with a cast-iron frame. With its innovative curvilinear design, it sent a clear message to guests about the Gregs’ successful position in society.

The land was sold in the 1950s. The glasshouse was severely damaged by neglect before the Trust acquired it in 2010, but now, after years of fundraising, we are in a position to restore it and we intend to return it to its former glory. Where possible, we will use original materials to rebuild it. We’ll recast the iron glazing bars and use hand-made glass.
Quarry Bank has received support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Garfield Weston Foundation and Wolfson Foundation, as well as individual donations.