Richard Morris

Farm manager, Wimpole Estate, Cambridgeshire

Richard Morris - Farm manager

Farmers are well-used to the vagaries of weather, animals and finances, but Richard Morris recently took a step further with our MyFarm project. For a time his work was guided by thousands of enthusiastic would-be farm managers.

Richard Morris
Thankfully over 30 years of farming leave Richard able to deal with whatever comes his way. He brings practical expertise in arable, dairy and mixed farming, livestock, as well as a knowledge of food, environment and sustainability issues. And he shares his knowledge of livestock with the many visitors to the farm.
With an eye to the future Richard has managed the 600 ha farm’s conversion to organic systems. He’s also brought Wimpole under the High Level Stewardship scheme which sees the farm meeting the highest environmental standards.
The MyFarm project saw Richard on TV and radio, with various interviews also carried across UK press and internationally, adding to many years’ experience of sharing his enthusiasm and knowledge.
And when he’s not out on the farm he spends time in other outdoor pursuits - building and sailing boats. "I have steered tall ships by the stars and this year plan to sail a small dinghy across the English Channel," says Richard. But he loves to return to Wimpole, "Because it is my home and my farm, a beautiful, special place."
To get in touch with Richard please contact our press office on 0844 800 4955.