Richard Swinscoe

Assistant Curator, Attingham Consultancy, Midlands

Richard Swinscoe - Assistant Curator

My name is Richard and I have recently become one of ten Assistant Curators for the National Trust. This is a very exciting position and it’s something I have always wanted to do.

Moseley in Spring

I have worked for the National Trust since I finished University, first as a volunteer and then as staff. That was nine and a bit years ago. I’ve worked at a few properties, some small like Moseley Old Hall and some very grand like Lyme Park but always in roles to do with collections care and management. 

The 400 year old table at Moseley
	View of the fireplace and 400 year old dining table in the Entrance Hall at Moseley Old Hall, Staffordshire
The 400 year old table at Moseley

I studied Art History at Aberdeen University and have always been passionate about art and design. From vintage motorbikes to renaissance paintings and everything in between; wherever I found something that had been made with skill and care I am happy. 

Three words which I have taken to heart are whilst at the Trust are; Move, Teach and Inspire. I think about these where ever I go and whatever work I’m part of. It’s the ambition of every Curator to achieve these things and I try to champion them where ever I go. 

A table top at Shugborough that Richard loved as a child and ended up cleaning 20 years later.
Inlaid Pietra Dura tablet op showing leopard fighting a lion
A table top at Shugborough that Richard loved as a child and ended up cleaning 20 years later.

The best part of the job is meeting the teams of staff and volunteers right across the region and working with them to make the places we look after matter to everyone. To understand them and what makes them unique, distinct and cherished and then sharing those stories with our visitors in an interesting, innovative and relevant way is a challenge but one which makes the job so much fun. 

Working for the Trust is a privilege. It’s the only place I know where I could be so involved with these special places. The incredible range of places and things we look after, their pasts and their futures give me a real sense of pride.  This new role is an amazing opportunity to learn and share. It’s creative and dynamic and I wouldn’t change it for the world.