Rosalind Buck

Archaeologist, East Midlands

Rosalind Buck - Archaeologist

Ros is one of our archaeologists working in the Midlands. She works with the region’s properties to help them best manage and care for their archaeological resource.

Aerial view of Mam Tor in the Peak District

I think sometimes archaeologists have to develop a similar skills set to that of a detective. In order to try and understand our site we have to unpick the archaeology in front of us, and this sometimes has to be done through the interpretation of a complex mass of features with very few other clues such as rather sparse historic documentation! Although this process can occasionally be frustrating, in the end it is always rewarding when we are able to tease out fascinating stories about how our ancestors used to live in, work, and navigate the landscape.

My main role as a National Trust archaeologist is to support properties in the East Midlands region and advise them on how best to record, manage and care for their archaeology. I love the variety of my job - one day I might be advising a property on where best to locate new visitor facilities, and another I will be commissioning a historic building survey of a 17th-century garden feature, or trying to piece together the development of the prehistoric landscape in the Peak District.

Another big part of my role is to promote archaeology to our members, and also involve our volunteers with conservation of the historic landscape. In the East Midlands we hold a number of archaeology days and events at various properties throughout the year which always prove popular with our visitors.

I also help manage and co-orientate the Heritage Archaeology Rangers Teams (HART) in our region. This scheme involves groups of volunteers undertaking condition monitoring visits of our archaeology across National Trust land. The data and photographs our volunteers collect are crucial for highlighting any potential damage to the historic features. We can then use this evidence to act and comission any work needed to improve their condition and ensure the archaeology is being effectively managed for the future.

HART Volunteers surveying an archaeological site
Archaeology volunteers surveying a site in the Peak District
HART Volunteers surveying an archaeological site