Viviana Culshaw

Archaeologist, West Midlands

Viviana Culshaw - Archaeologist

Viviana is one of four archaeologists working in the Midlands. She works with the properties in the West Midlands to help them best manage and care for their archaeological resource.

Dawn on the Long Mynd, Shropshire

I first studied archaeology and heritage studies at the University of Worcester, where I developed a particular interest in heritage management, however archaeology, heritage and arts have been my long-time passions. I was born and raised in the Italian town of Turin. The rich culture, history and archaeology of the area inspired me becoming an archaeologist and sharing my enthusiasm for the subject with other people.

Having worked within the profession since my graduation, I am a skilful community and field archaeologist. Over the years I have developed and supported a number of successful community projects and have also delivered archaeological training programmes with the aim to improve and enhance other’s skills and experience.

I joined the National Trust as an Assistant Regional Archaeologist at the beginning of 2017 and one of my main tasks is to provide properties across the West Midlands with archaeological advice.

Other tasks include making sure the Trust’s historic records data sets are up-to-date and providing advice on the identification of archaeological opportunities, needs and resources required to deliver various property objectives. I am also assisting with coaching and training of professional teams (property staff and volunteers) to enhance skills and transfer knowledge to build capability and understanding locally, in order that properties can become more self-reliant.

I am truly passionate about championing the archaeological work of the National Trust to both new and existing audiences and passing on my knowledge to others is one of the most satisfying aspects of my job. The fact that I get to care and look after some of the most iconic historic properties and landscapes in the West Midlands is both a privilege and an exciting journey for me.