Reigate Hill from the train station

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The vigorous climb up the chalk escarpment is rewarded with simply stunning views. You are on top of the world! From the top clamber down the hillside through the woods for a gentle stroll back along the bottom of the Downs, learning something of Reigate's mining history. The way is well marked and uses parts of three trails - the North Downs Way, the North Downs Ridge walk and the Reigate Millenium trail.

Not recommended for young children. This walk has a steep ascent and descent on precipitous hillsides. Wear grippy foootwear


Follow the map for our glorious walk


Reigate Station, Holmesdale Road, Reigate, RH2 OBD. Grid reference TQ254507


Come out of Reigate Station by the ticket office on the north side of the tracks. Turn left and walk to the T-junction with the main road. Turn right and walk over the road crossing to the Co-op. Turn right and then left down Somers Road. Walk past Micklefield School and then turn right along St Albans Road. At the crossroads turn right again along Brokes Road. Go through the gate and turn left up Beech Road. Take the second turning on the left into Underhill Park Road.


At the T junction take the footpath ahead of you which goes up the hill. This parallels the old road used by the miners of Reigate stone before the new road was laid. See the sunken road to your right in the undergrowth. As you climb take a breather at the bench on your left hand side near to the Simpson memorial and enjoy the great views over the surrounding countryside.

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Enjoy the views from Reigate Hill


From the bench, carry on up the path, which bends round to the right and there are some iron railings to the left, marking the edge of the quarry. You’ll reach a gate. Through the gate, climb up the steps immediately to your right, which lead up the Inglis memorial. This is an excellent spot to catch your breath and maybe have a picnic before continuing your walk. Most of the hard work has been done now!

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The Inglis Memorial was originally an elegant drinking fountain for horses


When you’re ready, walk away from the Inglis Memorial along the top of the hill, keeping the trees and copses to your right. Cross the shallow pit in the grass resembling a bomb crater, and you’ll see a stile in the corner of the field, entering a wood.

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Follow the arrows from Reigate Hill to Box Hill


Climb over the stile and follow the narrow track. The hillside here is steep so take care. Follow the path forwards and then as it bends to the left you begin to descend with some steps on the way. You will come out at a T junction on a wider chalky path, turn left and continue to walk downhill.

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Follow the ancient paths down the North Downs chalk


You’ll reach a crossroads, marked by a fingerpost. Turn left here and follow the path now fairly flat, along the bottom of the Downs through yew woodland. Ignore footpaths to your right and left. You’ll come to a yellow way marker post for the North Downs Ridge walk. Follow the arrow and go down the steps. You’ll see how the chalk and stone have been carved out in mining activity, now overgrown with beech trees. Continue along the path, following the yellow marker posts.

Explore some of Reigate's heritage along the ridge walk


You’ll come to a crossroads of paths, with a huge pit cut out on your right hand side. This is the Reigate hearth stone mine and there’s an information board. There used to be an entrance here to one of the many mines in Reigate Hill. The mines were dug to extract hearthstone. This was processed outside the mine entrance into small blocks, similar in size to a bar of soap. The stone was used to whiten the front door steps of people's homes. Take the narrow path down the hill to your right.


100 yards further you’ll come to a Y junction. Take the path to your left through the gate and you will come out into a meadow at the bottom of Reigate Hill and quarry. Follow the path across the meadow to a gate in the right hand corner. Ignore the track to your right, bear left, walk up the bank and turn right along the track.

Enjoy this wildflower meadow at the bottom of Reigate Hill


You’ll come out onto a surfaced roadway and turn right down Pilgrims Way through the barrier with the blue Millennial Trail waymarker. Walk down Pilgrims Way until you reach a crossroads and turn left along Somers Road to the end. Turn right by the Co-op , cross the main road and walk up Homesdale Road to the train station on your right hand side. Congratulations.

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The Millenium trail follows old routes around Reigate


Reigate Station, Holmesdale Road, Reigate, RH2 OBD. Grid reference TQ254507

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Reigate Hill from the train station


Most of the walk is on good quality, fairly level, surfaced paths. The route has a steep descent (good quality, surfaced path) and ascent on a natural chalk path. The route is not suitable for pushchairs as there steps on part of the trail.

Dogs are welcome. Please keep them on leads when livestock are grazing.

Reigate Hill from the train station

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Reigate Hill from the train station

How to get here

Reigate Station, Holmesdale Road, Reigate, RH2 OBD. Grid reference TQ254507
By train

Reigate is on the Reading to Gatwick line, with connections to London (Victoria and London Bridge) via Redhill station. 

By road

Exit M25 at J8 and take A217 south. Follow the road down the hill and over the level crossing. Take the next left and then left again by Homebase. Turn right at the end into the train car park. 

Reigate Hill from the train station

Facilities and access

  • Benches
  • Refreshments can be found in Reigate town
  • No toilets