For families

For midsummer we focus on our younger visitors during the week, with our August Tuesdays featuring sporting activities, while Thursdays are devoted to Robin Hood and his merry men. Our new activity, balance bikes, are available to try out from the middle of August. Scroll on to see what's happening.

Proclomation on tree announcing reward for Robin hood

Robin Hood - in Surrey?

Watch out for those bows and arrows...

Two children in canoe on River Wey in Guildford

Sport Tuesdays

Get on your bike... (or in your canoe, or on your golf course or...)

Girl looking through telescope in dusk

A night with the stars

Count your lucky stars with us at Dapdune Wharf

Child in a tunnel with a ball

Sport Weenies

A fun introduction to sport and games for our youngest visitors

Illuminated pageant, Wey River Festival

Wey River Festival at Dapdune Wharf in Guildford

The biggest event on the river this year - don't miss the illuminated pageant from Debenhams down to Dapdune Wharf, at dusk on Sat 22 September.

boy on balance bike at Dapdune Wharf Guildford

No wobbles, just riding

Learn a new skill, try a balance bike at Dapdune this summer...

Electric launch returning from Guildford

Boat trips from Dapdune Wharf

About every hour a boat leaves Dapdune Wharf in Guildford along the River Wey, taking about 40 minutes. Volunteer skippers tell tales of the history of the area on your trip.