Roseberry Topping

Autumn sunlight over RoseberryTopping and Newton Wood, North Yorkshire

Distinctive and iconic landmark with fine views across North Yorkshire and Cleveland

Runners with Roseberry Topping behind them

Roseberry Romp running trail 

The Roseberry Romp running trail leads you on a scenic and challenging tour of the Topping.

Walking at Roseberry Topping

Roseberry Topping

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Roseberry Topping


A portrait of Captain James Cook (1728-1779) after Sir Nathaniel Dance-Holland

Our Captain Cook connection 

Captain Cook is said to have got his taste for adventure by exploring the slopes of Roseberry Topping as a young boy.

Roseberry Topping silhouetted against a hazy sunset

Prince Oswy 

Our special place has inspired many myths and legends. The most well-known tells the terrible tale of a tragic Northumbrian Prince called Oswy.

Roseberry Topping


Roseberry Topping

Our work

A path winds its way between trees at Roseberry Topping

Improving paths at Roseberry Topping 

We've been working to minimise the mud on some of Roseberry's well-used routes.