Autumn wildlife at Roseberry Topping

Red and yellow waxcap fungus stand out against green grass

Autumn may well be the best time to enjoy the trees in Newton and Cliff Ridge woods. As the days get shorter the leaves on the oak, ash and sycamore turn from green to shades of yellow, red and gold. There's plenty more to see while you enjoy the stunning autumn colours too.

This is a great time to look for fungi. Different species can be found growing on the ground, on dead branches and twigs and out of live trees. They come in an incredible range of colours, shapes and sizes from gaudy wax caps to slimy jelly fungi and hoof-like brackets.
The woods are a fine place to look for woodpeckers. Great spotted woodpeckers often give themselves away with their loud ‘jick’ call. Green woodpeckers have a distinctive ‘yaffle’ call but they are shy. If they spot you first they will be likely to stick to the far side of a tree, so you might need some luck to spot one.