Volunteering at Roseberry Topping

A volunteer repairing a dry stone wall on the edge of Newton Moor with Roseberry Topping in the background

Being a volunteer with the National Trust can be a fun and rewarding way to spend some of your spare time. It's also a great way to meet new friends, get some exercise and learn new skills.

What we do

The National Trust Ranger team doesn't just look after Roseberry Topping. We also manage many other places in the North Yorkshire Moors, the Yorkshire Coast and County Durham. Talk about being thinly spread!
In order to keep all these fantastic places in the best possible condition we rely on help from our many volunteers. They are a diverse group of people of different ages and situations but all share a love of the places they work on.

Getting involved

There are two main ways people volunteer at Roseberry Topping.

Sunday Conservation Group

The Sunday group meets on the first Sunday of every Month to undertake a day of practical conservation work. Usually this is at Roseberry but occasionally we work at other sites on the North York Moors or the Yorkshire Coast.
Some of the tasks that the group have taken on in the past include invasive species control, scrub removal, footpath maintenance and fencing. On the job training is provided by on of the Ranger team, so no experience in necessary. There are also opportunities to get involved at other times by helping out with our events programme or helping complete wildlife surveys.

Volunteer Rangers

With so many places to look after we rely on local people acting as our eyes and ears. Our Volunteer Rangers tend to be local people who regularly come to Roseberry Topping to walk. They come at a time that suits themselves and help us by picking up litter and get in touch if there are any problems we need to know about.
For more information or to apply for any of these roles, please get in touch.