Winter wildlife at Roseberry Topping

A roe deer peers between trees

With no leaves on the trees winter is a great time to look for some of the resident woodland birds and animals.

Tits often form flocks at this time of year as they search for food. Blue, great, coal, marsh and long-tailed tits can be seen foraging in the trees. They may be joined by treecreepers and nuthatches too. Occasionally these winter flocks may attract the attentions of a passing sparrowhawk, so keep your eyes open.
Out on Roseberry Common the many rowan and hawthorn trees add a splash of colour with their crops of berries. Large flocks of fieldfares and redwing gather to feast on the bounty.
When there is snow on the ground it's a good time to look for animal tracks. Brown hares and roe deer are resident in the area and it can be fun to track where they have been. If you're really lucky you might just catch a glimpse of one.