Family activites at Rowallane Garden this summer

Rowallane Garden Walled Garden

Come for a walk, explore the garden and take in all the vibrant colours, fresh scents and the sounds of a wide range of wildlife. Join us for a fun filled summer and embrace the great outdoors. We’ve come up with some activities to inspire you to get out and get active!

Take a walk on the wild side

We’re going wild this summer. We are opening new spaces for you to explore.

Experience the Viewpoint walk and get ready to take a walk on the wild side.

Explore the garden and become a Plant Hunter – Throughout Summer

Grab a Plant Hunters Passport of Rowallane Garden.
Plant Hunters Passport Rowallane Garden
Grab a Plant Hunters Passport of Rowallane Garden.

Begin your very own Plant Hunter’s adventure as you learn about a range of plants from all over the world. This fun packed activity takes you on a journey throughout history and introduces you to some of the daring plant hunters that first discovered some of the plants and trees waiting to be found in the garden.

You can download your Plant Hunter's Passport in two parts here.

Part One (PDF / 3.2490234375MB) download

Part Two (PDF / 2.46875MB) download

Plant Hunter’s Toolkit – July & August

Our intrepid explorer has been so excited by the collection of rare and unusual rhododendrons across the garden has forgotten all of their much-needed equipment! Can you help the Plant Hunter find the essential items needed for a successful plant hunting journey?

Take yourself of the beaten track and explore lesser seen parts of the garden by following clues to help you navigate your way around our trim trail. Compliment your curiosity, step off the path and journey into discovery. This activity is the perfect companion for completing 50 Things to do before you’re 11 ¾. If this doesn’t appeal to you then explore the Garden by sticking to the path. Download a Plant Hunters passport and follow the trail on which you will learn all about our marvellous collection of trees and plants from all over the world.

Download your copy here (PDF / 1.3MB) download

Hands up, who's coming out to play?

Have you discovered Explore & Play yet?

Come along this summer and take on a plant hunters adventure. With challenges based on the plant hunters passport find out if you can survive the swamp, find the tallest trees and get active in nature.

You will find some physical challenges alongside things to inspire you to listen, look and feel your way around Explore and Play.

We challenge you to go further, faster and longer!

Get set, go!

You'll be able to pick up a 'Get set, go' card to inspire your summer adventure. These cards have lots of ways you can enjoy summer activities, such as 'Find your way' to explore new paths and discover different natural textures, or 'Feel the beat' to tune in to the sounds and rhythms of nature. Each activity is designed to have fun with what's around you and explore the simple things this summer.

Have fun with 'Get set, go' cards at a place near you
Have fun with 'Get set, go' cards at a place near you
Have fun with 'Get set, go' cards at a place near you
Hunting the Himalayas at Rowallane Garden

Plant Hunters of Rowallane Garden

Go on a Plant Hunters adventure at Rowallane Garden

Discover Explore and Play at Rowallane

Explore and Play at Rowallane Garden

Embark on a journey of fun and adventure with a visit to the Explore and Play area at Rowallane Garden. Located in the Pleasure Ground this special space has been designed especially to amuse children and families.