Creating a legacy for our property

Sandham early chapel image

The 100th anniversary of the First World War provided a fitting opportunity for us to ensure that we would be here for future generations.

Sandham Memorial Chapel is one of few National Trust properties dedicated to the First World War and the only property in this Country that marks the Salonika Campaign – the “Forgotten War”. It was therefore fitting that the Trust decided that these anniversary years should be marked and in particular to take the opportunity to provide for our future.   

After consultation with many and varied stakeholders the "Sandham 2014 Project" evolved with the overriding objective being  “Legacy” – namely to ensure that Sandham Memorial Chapel would be here in perpetuity.

In order to achieve this we decided that the project would be divided into a number of strands including conservation, enhancement of visitor experience & accessibility, and community engagement. 

Whilst the National Trust contributed a significant sum for the project additional funds were needed. It was therefore enormously excting to be awarded a generous grant from  the Heritage Lottery Fund.  We were also very pleased to receive donations from a number of other organisations without whom the realisation of the project would not have been possible.

With the funding in place, the first phase of the works to the property started in late 2013. By the re launch on 4 August 2014 most of the major conservation work had been done, a garden of reflection designed and built and a new visitor exhibtion created.

Whilst the building works were ongoing, our paintings went out on exhibtion for the first time since 1980.  Nearing 100,000  visitors saw 16 of the 19 paintings first at Somerset House, then Pallant House gallery in Chichester and finally at Manchester Art gallery. 

Whilst the final phase of the works were completed in early 2015 the community engagement work has continued with many projects involving schools through the mediums of art, writing, music and dance.  We will continue to build on this work into the future. 

You will find more detailed information about each aspect of the project on our website.