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A school trip to Sandham will without doubt leave a lasting impression on any pupil and the staff accompanying them. Sandham is a First World War memorial, containing nineteen stunning paintings by Sir Stanley Spencer representing his experiences as a medical orderly both in Bristol and in Salonika and which he called his "Holy Box". The paintings unlike other First World War artists do not depict the horror of war, but the everyday activities which Spencer found so comforting.

The importance of Sandham Memorial Chapel not only as a First World War memorial, the only property marking the often forgotten Salonika campaign and arguably the most important complete series of work by Stanley Sepncer provides a diverse educational offer to all ages and needs.

We are delighted to be able to offer a number of led sessions at Sandham utilisng the iconic paintings in the chapel, exhibition area with explanatory panels, short film, facsimile letters, drawings & plans and handling materials.

Mug & Dixie from our handling kit
Sandham handling kit mug dixie
Explore the tablets in our visitor exhibtion rooms
sandham children education

Our aim is to encourage pupils to look carefully at and think about the paintings and to gain an understanding of what they represent through a variety of activities.  They will be encouraged to discuss ideas with their peers, ask and answer questions using a number of activities.  

For those who would like to plan their own programme we have created with the assistance of Winchester University a blog with ideas for activities before, during and after a visit.

If you would like more information about educational visits then please click here [ insert link to pack when completed] for our information pack or send us an email.[ need to insert link - not sure how to do that]