Conservation of our 90 year old building

Sandham early chapel image

Our Grade 1 listed building needed important repairs and preventative work to protect it and its valuable content into the future.

Tackling repairs and undertaking preventative works to a building which is nearly 100 years old, grade 1 listed and with an extraordinarily important and valuable collection needed a lot of thought,  expert advice, permissions and carful project management.  

One of the largest aspects was the removal of the three central windows at the front of the chapel, which had been in situ since their installation in the early 1920’s.

The removal of the windows meant that the paintings would be exposed to the elements and dust so an enclosure was built inside for protection. Each section of window was carefully removed, marked to identify its location and packed for transport to the fabricator's premises.  

Scaffold for plastic screen enclosure
Sandham window protection scheme
One plastic screen section for window enclosure
Sandham plastic screen for enclosure

The glass was removed, the frames sandblasted and then re painted, the glass cleaned and new ultra violet filters applied.  

Since the windows have been reinstated many visitors have commented upon the vibrancy of the paintings often  believing they have been cleaned whereas the improved light quality has allowed us to see the paintings in a whole new way. 

While the paintings were out on exhibition we also took the opportunity to enlarge the lower recesses as some of the paintings had expanded over the years and the “snug” fit could potentially cause damage.

Plastic enclosure for recess work
Sandham plastic enclosure for recess work
Recess enlargement work in progress
Sandham recess work