Papercraft workshops

Sandham papercraft cards and boces

Working with local artist Helen Mortimer you will see and learn how to create a variety of finished treasures to take home or make as gifts from the immensely diverse medium of paper. Your visit supports not only local arts and crafts, but also our work to introduce Sandham to a wider audience. Tuesday 12 September & Friday 10 Novmber 11am - 12.30pm. £10. Booking 0344 249 1895

Paper is very versatile and can be  folded, cut, glued or layered. You can then employ other techniques from stamping to die cutting & embossing. During the session you will create two  cards and a small three dimensional project, for example a small box.

Helen Mortimer showing group papercraft techniques
Sandham papercraft workshop
Cards produced during one of our papercraft workshops
Sandham papercraft workshop cards

Tuesday 12 September & Friday 10 Novmber 11am - 12.30pm. £10.  Booking 0344 249 1895