West Berkshire Open Studios at Sandham Memorial Chapel

Sandham OS 2017 Vivian Pare

We welcome ten local artists presenting ceramics, jewellery, sculpture, textiles and works in wood who are part of the West Berkshire Open Studios programme. Come and meet the artists, see their work and perhaps treat yourself or find a gift that is unique and special. 29 April - 21 May (Wed - Sun only) 11am - 4pm. Exhibition free. Usual admission charge to the chapel.

Its is a huge privilege to welcome ten different local artists as part of the 2017 West Berkshire Open Studios programme.

The artists whose work you can see and buy are listed below. Your visit supports not only local arts and crafts, but also our work to introduce Sandham to a wider audience. 

Claire Acworth

A  designer and maker of contemporary and sculptural jewellery made from silver, and occasionally gold. Textured with hammer marks or imprinted with the delicate veins of a leaf, each piece is truly unique. The materials she uses include semi-precious stones or simple, but beautiful, found objects such as pebbles, sea glass or crockery. These are then transformed into exquisite, and often striking, new forms. Claire welcomes commissions and enjoys working with customers to design their own piece.

Claire Acworth jewellery
Sandham Open Studios 2017 Claire Acworth

Lucy de Albuquerque

"I am a watercolour artist with a growing interest in printmaking and mixed media. My inspiration comes from the surrounding Hampshire countryside and wildlife". Lucy accepts commissions to paint house and dog portraits.

Lucy de Albuqueque Open Studios 2017
Sandham OS 2017 Lucy de Albuqueque

Petra Barnes

"Nature is beautiful and evocative. Everything has its given place, reason and history. Combining natural objects such as driftwood, pebbles and shells with coastline findings starts my imagination and reveals new harmonies, contrasts, connections and opposites. All these rich visual and tactile qualities - we just need to truly see them! I love revealing this organic beauty in my sculptures and strive to deliver it in a fresh new light for the observer."

Petra Barnes Open Studios 2017
Sandham OS 2017 Petra Barnes

Jane Corbett

"My work stems from a fascination for collections, ‘cabinets of curiosity’, reliquaries and seedariums, alongside a preoccupation with nature reclaiming, or surviving in, man-made environments. These threads come together in pieces which acknowledge the strength of fragile roots to break through stone, the power of a seed to grow after years of lying dormant."

Jane Corbett work for Open Studios 2017
Sandham OS 2017 jane Corbett

Jim Crockatt

"I design and make bespoke turned boxes, segmented bowls and platters using a combination of different woods and turning methods and effects.  Watching the wood spin exceedingly fast never ceases to enthral me and inspires me to push the creative process ever onwards and upwards."

Jim Crockatt Open Studios 2017
Sandham OS 2017 Jim Crockatt

Christine Highnett

"My work is inspired by nature ranging from seeds, leaves, flowers and other natural objects. I have been using predominantly wool, melted fabrics, leather and metal work, incorporating them into sculptures for the home and garden which are irresistible to touch.  I am experimenting with new and traditional techniques to see what 3D art can be created for my garden. Interesting effects have been incorporated from found and recycled items to achieve extra colour and texture."

Christine Highnett Open Studios 2017
Sandham OS 2017 Christine Highnett

Andi Mulholland 

"As an artist with a strong commitment to drawing, my work will often open with a figurative construct, wet or dry, and proceed through a process of experimentation with watercolours, pastels, graphite and acrylics.  I enjoy the working of textures and patterns into a piece, informing the viewer of another possible narrative."

Andi Mulholland painting
Sandham Open Studios 2017 Andi Mulholland

Vivian Pare

"After a career as a designer jeweller I set myself a challenge in 2015 and returned to my earlier studies to work on both oils and watercolour painting. I enjoy the freedom of using colour and working outside to capture the tonal contrasts of light in my landscapes."

Vivian Pare Open Studios 2017
Sandham OS 2017 Vivian Pare

Ursula Waechter

"I make decorative brush-painted tin-glazed earthenware for use and display. My recent work explores a wax resist technique for designs, together with new colour combinations.  I accept commissions for commemorative work, including wedding and christening gifts.  I run workshops at Greenham and offer individual throwing lessons in my studio space"

Ursula Waechter Open Studios 2017
Sandham OS 2017 Ursula  W

Sophie Waite

"Now in a new workshop by the river at Lower Way Farm, my love for nature and the outdoors has been awakened. This year I have played more with slip casting and burnishing to create smooth and soft finishes whilst experimenting with natural marking techniques."  

Sophie Waite Open Studios 2017
Sandham OS 2017 Sophie waite