Bluebells at Sheffield Park and Garden

Pheasant standing in bluebells at Sheffield Park, East Sussex

Mid April until late May is the perfect time for a visit to see the bluebells at Sheffield Park and Garden. Here are the best places to find them this spring;


" How the merry bluebell rings To the mosses underneath... "
- Alfred Lord Tennyson, "Adeline"

In the garden

As you meander along the paths, you will find seas of blue throughout the garden as bluebells enjoy the dappled shade of our vast tree collection.  Generally arriving a little later than the woodland bluebells, the garden display sits among other spring colour such as rhododendrons and fritillaries.  

New for 2017, you can now enjoy a 'bluebell preview' of Walk Wood, located at the rear of the garden. Lying undisturbed for years, this historic woodland has one of the best displays of bluebells at Sheffield Park.  It will be open to the public from Mon 24 Apr to Sun 7 May.  

Ringwood Toll and Skyglade

Take a stroll out across the parkland and explore the copses containing Skyglade and our Ringwood Toll play trail.  The perfect route if you're visiting with children.

East Park

The East Park circular walk has a spectacular show of bluebells and also gives glimpses back into the garden across the lakes.  It's also great for dog walkers, as this is the area where dogs are free to run off-lead.

Bluebells at Sheffield Park, East Sussex
Bluebells at Sheffield Park, East Sussex