Creating your own false perspective photograph

An inverted photo where the lake reflection becomes the sky

This summer, Sheffield Park and Garden is inviting you to take a look at the garden from a new angle on our 'Playing with Perspective' trail, and so we have been having some fun with some false perspective photography. Here are some top tips for taking these interesting photos:

1.       Find wide open spaces.  This photograph needed a grass background in both the foreground and background to create the right image.  A big sky also works well as a backdrop.

Have a go at creating your own false perspective photo
A false perspective photograph
Have a go at creating your own false perspective photo

2.       Keep trying.  Try different angles and distances from the camera to get the best view.  It’s better to take lots of pictures and then pick the best one.

3.       Use your phone.  Simple cameras like the one on your phone can work better than advanced SLR ones unless you know how to work all the settings!

4.       Leave objects out of the frame that will break the false perspective.

5.       Use your imagination.  Take inspiration from the world around you.  Is there something in nature that can appear as something else?  A tree as a hairdo?  A cloud as an ice-cream?

We would love to see your photos, so please share with us on Facebook at or Twitter using #perspectives and tag us @sheffieldparknt.