diep~haven, festival of contemporary creation, comes to Sheffield Park

Artist Gabriela Albergaria

Art comes across the Channel this year as Sheffield Park and Garden takes part in diep~haven, festival of contemporary creation. Visit to see what artist, Gabriela Albergaria has created, inspired by the nature and surroundings of this historic garden.

The diep~haven festival is an annual cross-channel contemporary art festival which takes place in East Sussex and Normandy, France. The 2018 theme is ‘Terra Firma’, exploring the relationship between humans and the landscape.  

About the artist

We are pleased to welcome Portuguese artist, Gabriela Albergaria, to Sheffield Park and Garden. Having worked across the world, she uses photography, drawing and sculpture to explore gardens and cultural landscapes as elaborate constructs and environments for cultural and social processes.

" I’m interested in visiting places that were transformed by man. This can be a historical garden, or even a quarry.  I like to see the place, spend some time there, collect photos, drawings and material elements like stones, leaves, etc. To get information of the history of the place and hear stories about the place. The contemporary reality of the place is ultimately what I usually end up working with. But it’s on this border between the history of the place and the present use that I like to concentrate."
- Gabriela Albergaria

Gabriela lives and works in Lisbon and London, and studied at the Fine Arts University of Porto, Portugal. She uses photography, drawing, installation and sculpture to develop works that take gardens and their history as a starting point, intersecting with personal and subjective memories.

She has taken part in artists residences including Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin; Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris; Centre National d' Art Contemporain, France; Museum of Modern Art of Bahia, Brazil; University of Oxford Botanic Garden in collaboration with The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, UK; Winter Workshop, the Wave Hill Public Garden and Cultural Center, New York; and Residency Unlimited, New York.

When and where

Gabriela's installation is located just off the path to the left of Visitor Reception as you head down to Top Lake. It was installed at the end of January so it has seen the spring and summer pass and has settled more into the landscape as we approach autumn and winter.

The proposed artwork installation by artist, Gabriela Albergaria
The proposed artwork installation by artist, Gabriela Albergaria
The proposed artwork installation by artist, Gabriela Albergaria

Diep~haven 2018 also took place at other locations around East Sussex and Normandy but all events have now finished. Further details of all artists residences, exhibitions and events that took place can be found at www.diephaven.org/


26 Jan 18

The tree is felled

Gabriela visited today to supervise the cutting down of the tree that will be the main part of her art installation. The cedar tree, Cedrus deodara, had died and was due to be taken down anyway. It's now in position in the garden by Ten Foot Pond ready for Gabriela to start work on its transformation on Monday 19 February.

diep~haven Sheffield park tree felling

07 Feb 18

The felled tree is now in position

The felled tree has been placed on the grass next to Church Walk path. It now awaits Gabriela's arrival on Monday 19 February for its transformation.

diephaven progress picture 07022018

20 Feb 18

Day 2 of the transformation

It's day 2 of the installation and despite some more bad weather, Gabriela and her artist assistant André, are continuing to create the piece of art. The theme for the festival is Terra Firma, and it's becoming clearer how Gabriela is interpreting this.

Sheffield Park diep~haven day 2 picture