Silent Space at Sheffield Park

Sheffield park Skyglade among the trees

Silent Space is a new worldwide project which encourages people to switch off and enjoy the sounds of nature. 

Once inside a Silent Space, we invite you to put your phones on silent, keep talking to a minimum and simply enjoy the sounds of nature. 

Where can you find a Silent Space at Sheffield Park?

We will have two Silent Spaces at Sheffield Park; one in the parkland and one in the garden. 

  • Garden - The garden Silent Space will rotate so please do check with reception as you pass through. The current Silent Space is by the summer house on Queens Walk (Tuesday, Friday & Sunday, 11am-1pm). 
  • Parkland - Escape from it all in Skyglade (dawn to dusk).

    Maps are available from reception or download a Sheffield Park map (PDF / 0.8310546875MB) download
" 'Silence is not the absence of something, but the presence of everything' "
- Gordon Hempton

Why is Silent Space important?

Research indicates that noise pollution causes damage to our bodies and to our minds. It’s little wonder that spending silent time in nature can bring us comfort and help us to feel restored. But perhaps there are other benefits too?

Being silent in the natural world is a particularly gentle kind of silence. We’re soothed by the birdsong and the sounds of the breeze in the trees. Quietly observing and listening, we grow to know and truly value the world we live in – to better appreciate our place within it and our responsibility to protect it.
- Liz Ware, Garden Writer and Silent Space Founder. 

For further details please visit the Silent Spaces website.