Summer days out at Sheffield Park

Spring and Summer at Sheffield Park

Discover a garden that excites the senses. Summer brings vibrant blooms filling the place with colour and perfume. Winding paths, grand trees, lakes, cascades and bridges provide a varied landscape to explore as well as quiet spots to stretch out a picnic blanket. Off the beaten track nature thrives in the 300 acres of parkland and woods that surround the garden.

Don't miss this season

Sheffield Park waterlily

Vibrant blooms

Until September, the lakes at Sheffield Park are a blaze of colour with waterlilies.

A girl eating an ice cream

Peaceful moments

An ice-cream, as you watch the mirror-like reflections in the lakes.

Tree collection

Our vast collection of trees and large shrubs are planted to create vistas that enhance the feeling of scale and grandeur of the property. The garden has received a Grade I listing and contains over 60 champion trees.


Water has always been a key element of the landscape at Sheffield Park and our five lakes have become an iconic feature, which is much photographed and enjoyed by everyone who visits.  Their hand-dug, clay-lined construction creates dramatic reflections of the carefully planned planting that surrounds them. Connected by a waterfall and cascades, the calming sound of moving water can be enjoyed around the garden. Don't miss the spectacular waterlily display throughout the summer months.

Walk Wood

Walk Wood is located at the back of the garden, and offers a different experience to the lakes and surrounding landscaped areas. Containing paths originally laid out in the eighteenth century, Walk Wood offers a cool, shady stroll on a hot day. In here you will also find our sculpture trail created by local artist Keith Pettit.

Walking dogs on a lead in Walk Wood at Sheffield Park
Walking dogs in Walk Wood at Sheffield Park
Walking dogs on a lead in Walk Wood at Sheffield Park



Flooded scrapes on the Parkland at Sheffield Park

The parkland at Sheffield Park and Garden

Our parkland is over 250 acres of wide open spaces and dramatic skies. Full of wildlife and history, look out for butterflies, buzzards or skylarks and the historic remains of its past.

Sheffield Park late autumn trees towards Pulham Falls

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A close up of a waterlily on the lake
Sheffield Park waterlily
A close up of a waterlily on the lake