River Ouse Restoration Project at Sheffield Park

The River Ouse in Sussex in flood at Sheffield Park

Recent funding from external grants and raffle ticket sales onsite have enabled the National Trust to start a project to improve the channel shape and connection to the floodplain, benefiting water quality, wildlife habitats and alleviating flooding downstream.  Plans also include building a bridge over the river, linking the Sheffield Park parkland with the Ouse Valley Way.  

Follow the project through each stage of development as we enhance the natural environment and improve access and information for our visitors.

Latest posts

22 Jan 18

An artist's impression of the bridge across the River Ouse

At this time of year, it's hard to imagine what the bridge will look like once it's in position across the River Ouse. This artist's impression certainly helps and we're looking forward to connecting up to the Ouse Valley Way. We hope to be able to move the bridge late April although it does depend on the ground conditions.

River Ouse artist's impression

08 Jan 18

Bridge awaits positioning

The bridge has arrived but due to the onset of winter, it's sitting just on the edge of the parkland and will remain here until the weather and ground conditions improve, before it can be moved down to the river bank.

Sheffield Park River Ouse bridge

25 Aug 17

Bank work begins

Thanks to grants from the Environment Agency, Viridor, Ouse and Adur Rivers Trust, South-East Water and Sussex Lund, Sheffield Park and Garden is now undergoing the first phase of our River Ouse restoration project. Straightening and deepening of the river in the past has reduced the variety of habitats both in and around the river. In this first stage of restoration, Ebsford Environmental Ltd will be creating berms (shallow edges) using soil excavated from the floodplain areas, held in place with wooden stakes and faggots. In addition, seven areas of the channel will be narrowed by 50% restricting the flow of water creating hydraulic control during flooding. These will be formed using several overlapping trees, again reused from clearance works. Gravels will also be introduced to the river bed at these points to encourage fish breeding.

A digger reshapes the banks of the River Ouse, Sheffield Park