River Ouse Restoration Project at Sheffield Park


Recent funding from external grants and raffle ticket sales onsite have enabled the National Trust to start a project to improve the channel shape and connection to the floodplain, benefiting water quality, wildlife habitats and alleviating flooding downstream.  Plans also include building a bridge over the river, linking the Sheffield Park parkland with the Ouse Valley Way.  

Follow the project through each stage of development as we enhance the natural environment and improve access and information for our visitors.

Latest updates

18 Feb 21

Bird spotting

One of our aims with the River Ouse Restoration Project supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund was to offer a suitable habitat for bird species that have seen a large decline in recent decades. The UK lapwing population fell by at least 40% between 1970 and 1998 (BTO) so we were delighted to have some visit our flood meadows this year. Wet grassland is a particularly important source of food for lapwings and we hope in years to come they may even nest in Broad Mead. Redwings and Fieldfares, both of which are on the red list for birds of conservation concern, have also been spotted in the area.
Photo credit: Charles Skinner, visitor/neighbour

A lapwing spotted on the parkland

28 Aug 20

The creation of 'Hawthorn Corner'

We have been continuing to install a stockproof fence across one corner of Irongates Meadow to create a small area which has been nicknamed ‘Hawthorn Corner’. This patch will be planted with scrub plants such as Hawthorn and Blackthorn and the fencing will protect the young plants from our grazing livestock. By creating this habitat by the river edge we aim to encourage a wide range of species including pollinating insects that will enjoy the nectar within the spring blossom, small mammals and birds that will feast on the fruits during the summer and in time and when the plants have formed a dense thicket it will be a perfect site for nesting birds.

Creation of 'Hawthorn Corner' on the Parkland at Sheffield Park

13 Aug 20

New information panels installed

Work has been completed on the installation of the information panels funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Visitors to the parkland will be able to find out about the industrial heritage of the river as well as the nature and wildlife that live in the surrounding habitat.

Interpretation panel showing wildlife information Sheffield Park