Our work in the outdoors

There are lots of projects going on to help to protect and restore our outdoor spaces here at Shugborough. Here is just a snapshot

Two gardeners potting plants

Planting new areas

Our garden team have replanted areas in front of Park Farm to mimic how it would have been seen by the ladies of Shugborough Estate.

The exposed roots of a tree

Let's get serious about trees

When you enjoy the great outdoors, have you ever wondered about how we take care of the trees that tower above us?

Blue Bridge over the river at Shugborough

Opening up the Arboretum

Discover how our garden team has made our arboretum more accessible, so you can marvel at the towering trees and wonderful views with ease.

spring in the walled garden

Re-imagining the Glasshouse at Shugborough

Our Walled Garden is bright with colour when our dahlia glasshouse come into bloom. Take a look at all the work our team are doing to re-imagine this distinctive structure.

Worker in high-vis chopping down a cedar tree by the Chinese House

Opening up the views

See how our garden team are recreating beautiful views

A view of the pigstys at Shugborough's Home Farm

Park Farm at Shugborough

Park Farm is an important part of the complete working estate at Shugborough Estate, so will continue to be a feature now that the estate has been handed back to the National Trust.

A small pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly

The Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary butterfly

We are lucky to be able to look after this special butterfly here at Shugborough. Find out more about how our ranger team look after their habitat