The Rise of Northwood at Slindon

A family helps to plant a tree in an open field, lit from behind by bright autumn sunlight.

The Slindon Estate team has an exciting opportunity to return 75 hectares (185 acres) of arable fields (the equivalent of 600 Olympic-sized swimming pools) back to their pre- First World War wooded landscape. Farming operations on the area have now stopped and the National Trust has begun its biggest ever woodland restoration project.

Northwood’s wartime history

To find out a little more about Northwood's history, take a look at a local historian's website detailing the intriguing part that Slindon played in the First and Second World Wars.

Get involved

Would you like to be part of the National Trust’s biggest woodland restoration? This winter we begin the huge task of planting 13,000 native trees. We need many willing volunteers to help us achieve this ambitious goal. To volunteer, get in touch with the Slindon team.

Rise of Northwood ramble

There are several scenic public bridleways and footpaths that criss-cross the project area. Why not try out our walk to start to discover this incredible area steeped in history? Try walking at different times of the year to keep an eye on the progress we make, drink in the wonderful views, and really feel connected to the land and its rich history.

Slindon sculpture

Sculptor Jon Edgar’s 2.5 tonne Portland stone sculpture commemorates ‘The Rise of Northwood’ and the history of the area. Throughout 2015 the stone will be moved to different locations within the Slindon Estate where Jon will continue to develop the artwork which will take one year to complete. Once in its complete form the sculpture will be returned to Northwood where it will permanently watch over the growing woodland.

Follow our blog

We've set up a blog about the Rise of Northwood so that you can follow the progress over the coming weeks, months and years. There will be extra photos and all the latest information, so take a look and keep an eye on what we're up to.
Rise of Northwood blog