Spot our much-loved wildlife population at Slindon

An orange yellow coloured dormouse is held gently in a warden's hand and peers over with its large dark eyes.

Slindon's wild residents are much loved by visitors to the estate. We're proud of the wildlife at the property – see if you can spot some of our beady-eyed or pattern-winged inhabitants when you come to Slindon.


Slindon has a thriving population of these hibernating furry wonders. The team manage our woodlands to help keep them ever present. They spend their life in trees and hedgerows rarely coming down to the ground.

Great spotted woodpecker

The drumming of this bird is heard throughout the woods in the springtime. They are tree specialists and seek out the insects among deadwood.

Silver-washed fritillary

These butterflies can be found dancing around in woodland clearings. When the sun comes out they drop down from the trees, making them look like falling autumn leaves.

Beech trees

Slindon was once famed for its impressive beech trees. Those that survived the Great Storm of 1987 can still be found in Park woods, presiding across the rest of the woodland.

Hedgerow flowers

In Spring, hedgerow and wayside flowers can be seen such as lesser celandine, red campion, greater stitchwort, cow parsley and garlic mustard.

Stag beetles

Due to the amount of deadwood at Slindon there are good numbers of stag beetle. The larvae spends between three and seven years underground feeding on rotten wood before emerging as an adult.

Our habitats

Our estate gently rises from the coastal plain up to Bignor Hill, providing us with a host of habitats to explore, including woodland, chalk grassland, chalk heath, dew ponds and mixed farmland.

Wildlife, guided walks and events

Our ranger team lead wildlife walks throughout the year, covering bluebells, bats, badgers and bugs.

Tell us what you’ve seen

If you've been out exploring Slindon and have seen some intriguing wildlife, let us know. You can email or let one of our rangers know if you see them when they're out working on the estate.