The Slindon team work to protect the estate

The Slindon Ranger team sitting on the frame for the Littlewood Lookout at Northwood

The Slindon Estate team is a vibrant community of people who have Slindon’s well-being now and in the future at heart. They will set about any task, from manual labour to guiding a tour party and they have a couple of very exciting projects on the go right now.

The Slindon team

We’re a versatile bunch. One day you’ll see us picking litter or cleaning a sink and the next leading a guided walk, cutting down a tree or repairing a gate. Our strength is in our differences, but we have in common our strong affection for Slindon, the South Downs and a pleasure in working in the countryside.

Changing with the seasons



This is a time of year to tie up the loose ends of the winter work, like finishing hedge planting or deer fencing the coppice coops. We also begin a period of focusing on the 25 plus miles of public rights of way that cover the estate. Repairs are made to gates, stiles and benches and we start to mow paths to keep them free from vegetation.


The butterfly, dormice, small mammal and bat surveys are now in full swing. We continue our path work and start the presentation mowing of our car parks and high visitor areas. As the summer draws to a close we begin to take a hay cut from the small meadows dotted across the estate to keep the nutrients low and the wild flowers plentiful.


As the leaves start to fall a busy period of work begins on the estate, particularly in the woods. Whether it's thinning, creating glades, widening rides or copping, it gives us an excuse for a fire. Most weekends over the autumn and winter, we'll have a group that will stay in our basecamp in return for a weekend's work.


Our woodland work is at its peak, with coppicing in full swing, and we turn our attention towards the many hedges. You might see us coppicing a hedge to achieve more vigour or find us planting up the gaps. This is a good time to see ancient archaeology as we mow the barrows and banks in preparation for the coming spring.

Events, guided walks and talks

As well as maintaining this beautiful traditional Sussex estate, we like nothing better than to show it off. We run a programme of guided walk and events, and we hold talks for interested groups.

Creating a landscape for bats

This two-year project centres on two National Trust properties, known for their excellent bat populations: Drovers Estate and Slindon Estate. Due to its mix of farmland, woodland, veteran trees, hedgerows and old houses Slindon is an ideal spot for bats to roost and feed.

The Rise of Northwood

Learn about our exciting woodland creation project, which aims to return 75 hectares (185 acres) of arable fields back to their pre- First World War wooded landscape and is the largest the National Trust has ever taken on.