Northwood at Slindon Estate

In October 2013, 75 hectares (just over 90 full sized football pitches) of arable farmland came back in to National Trust ownership from an agricultural tenancy. This land was once part of the large Northwood, which was cleared during the two World Wars for timber and then land for arable farming. We want to return this land back to a wooded landscape connecting up the woods that were cut off from each other almost 100 years ago. Find out how this exciting project will develop over the coming years.

A family helps to plant a tree in an open field, lit from behind by bright autumn sunlight.

The Rise of Northwood project

Here at Slindon we've begun the National Trust's biggest ever woodland restoration project, returning 185 acres to its pre-wartime wooded landscape.

Enjoying Northwood

Visitors attending the opening of Littlewood lookout, Northwood project

Littlewood lookout - open for business

Littlewood lookout is open! Visitors to the area can come and admire this beautiful timber framed building built thanks to the hard work and dedication of the staff and volunteers.

Northwood - past and present