A Roman Ramble to Gumber Farm

Walking trail

This circular walk includes a Roman road across open downland, a chalky Woodland Ride known locally as 'Leper's Path,' Iron Age lynchets across a small pasture, then a narrow path winding through a spur of mature woodland back to the Roman road.

'Shippams Poste', named for a local family who donated it to the Trust


Map route for Stane Street, Leper's Path, and Gumber Lynchets


Bignor Hill car park, grid ref: SU973129


From Bignor Hill car park, head towards the two radio masts, passing the signpost to 'NOVIOMAGUS'. Please note the pink arrows take you on the walking route shown one the noticeboard, if you wish to do the Roman Ramble, please follow the instructions here and ignore the pink signs

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In around 275yd (250m) you will see the gravel path cut through a raised grassy bank. Bear round to your left onto the bridleway along this bank - the 'Agger' of this marvellously surviving Roman Road.

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In around 550yd (500m) a lane crosses the way, over which Stane Street continues through a stile (and dog-stile). Mature ash and beech cast welcome shade here in summer over a bench and grassy banks, making a great picnic spot. You'll probably need to keep your dogs on the leash down Stane Street - for much of the year it and the neighbouring grassland is grazed by sheep.

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As Stane Street nears Eartham Woods it is heavily overhung and shaded by ancient trees, whose roots writhe across the even more ancient way.

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After around 2,000yd (1,800m) of Stane Street you reach a clearing at the 'Six-Ways' signpost (where eight ways now meet). Locally it is known as 'Shippams Poste' after this famous local family, who donated it. Take the left fork of the track nearest Stane Street back up to your left.


Leper's Path runs pale and chalky between tall beeches and other trees. Immature trees here are being thinned to let more light through, so the remaining trees grow to their full potential, surrounded by wildflowers and other undergrowth. We also deliberately leave piles of brush, logs, and ring-barked standing trees to provide a rich habitat for wildlife. Where the way forks, go left.


After a short stretch through conifers the way meets a flint-surfaced lane. Turn left here, through the gate, then diagonally up to your right and across the field at Gumber with its Iron Age lynchets - terrace-like remnants of ancient agriculture - to the stile up near the far top corner. This stile is at the foot of two mature trees, with a metal farm gate 10yd (10m) to the right.

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Over the stile, the narrow path winds through mature trees and wildflowers - really lovely in the spring and early summer. At the bottom stile, turn right to rejoin Stane Street. Take it easy and enjoy the views on the way back up to Bignor Hill.


Bignor Hill car park, grid ref: SU973129

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A Roman Ramble to Gumber Farm


Footpaths and bridleways through the estate. Fairly easy terrain - primarily downhill for the first half, uphill for the second half. Unsuitable for pushchairs or wheelchairs due to several stiles, plus roots across the paths.

Dogs welcome. Please keep dogs under close control as livestock graze in surrounding fields. No dog bins so please take dog litter home.

A Roman Ramble to Gumber Farm

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A Roman Ramble to Gumber Farm

How to get here

Slindon Estate, West Sussex
By train

Amberley and Barnham Stations are each about 4 miles (6.4km) away. Call 0845 7484950 or see National Rail for details.

By road

Going south along the A29, turn left at Bury, follow signs to Bignor Roman Villa. Pass Bignor Roman Villa to your right, slant left, then turn left onto a lane between a small thatched barn to your left and a substantial farmhouse with outbuildings to your right called 'Jay's Farm'  This unclassifed road, narrow and patchily surfaced, runs uphill for around 1.2 miles (1.8km) to end at the free National Trust Bignor Hill car park.

For GPS users, the postcode for Bignor Roman Villa is RH20 1PH.

By bicycle

Adjacent to National Cycle Route 22.

A Roman Ramble to Gumber Farm

Facilities and access

  • Dogs welcome under close control