Delivering for nature on the Southwood Estate

Volunteers helping build hedgebanks

The Southwood Estate has farming roots and over the centuries agricultural improvements were made to the landscape to increase productivity. We want to provide more space for nature, so our focus since taking on Southwood Farm has been to manage the land differently.

Habitat restoration

One of our biggest achievements has been reintroducing over a kilometre of traditional Pembrokeshire hedgebanks around the farm, returning smaller fields that were enlarged in the 20th century.

The hedgebanks were funded by the SITA Trust and restoring this lost habitat has been invaluable for wildlife. We’ve seen the return of farmland birds, bats using the site for roosting, insects aplenty and burrowing animals enjoying the earthy banks.

The vegetation is just as rich, with species including pennywort, foxglove, hawthorn and red campion now visible in the network of hedgebanks.

Delivering for nature at Southwood Farm
Hawthorn on the Southwood Estate
Delivering for nature at Southwood Farm

People power

Team work has made our land management plan possible, with our rangers, volunteer conservation assistants and working holiday groups dedicating their time to deliver for nature.

We want you to be able to see our nature-first approach for yourself and enjoy the very best of Southwood’s landscape. That’s why we’ve also opened up a series of public walking trails; choose from a 2.7-mile coastal route or a leisurely one-mile walk.