Calling all fashion freaks

Visit Springhill this season to see our Costume Closet for the little ones.

The costume closet exhibition includes a magical wardrobe, complete with amazing costumes to try on for girls and boys aged up to 12. Come along and dress up as a Victorian detective, a medieval princess, King Henry VIII, a tin soldier, a Victorian nanny, a Japanese princess or even a 1920s' gangster! Once you've chosen which character you want to be, take a walk on our new red carpet area where you can pose for pictures in front of a background of your choice. The costume closet also includes a touchscreen console where you can play guessing games about historic costume, and a colouring in area where you can design your very own wonderful creations.

Also well worth a visit is the costume display 'Naturally Inspired, Beautifully Attired'. The display explores the way in which nature influences the clothes we wear and how and what we decorate them with. As usual it will feature a selection of our most beautiful costumes and accessories, in silk, linen, cotton, wool, feathers and fur.