Magnificent Magnolias

Can you smell chocolate?

Is it just me…or can you smell Chocolate?

Magnolia is often used to describe a paint colour that is well renowned for being a neutral and fairly non-descript. However, our flowering magnolia trees at Springhill, are anything but. Around about the middle of March they burst into bloom, creating a striking display of large pink and white flowers.

There are many different varieties of magnolia, over 200 in fact. They originate from Asia and differ in size from some small shrubs to good sized trees. Their flower shape and colour varies too, from small star shaped white flowers to large blousy, pink, cup shaped goblets. Magnolias are a very ancient plant, and a fossilised form of the same family has been dated to 20 million years old!

We have a few different varieties at Springhill, but one that always sparks interest is the one planted just beside the visitor reception, as when it comes into flower it gives off a sweet scent like white chocolate. It smells good enough to eat! The flowers don’t always last too long, as in early spring they can be at the mercy of bad weather. However, if the skies are blue and the wind is low, these beautiful big flowers can be admired for at least a couple of weeks.