Seasonal changes at Springhill

Springhill Original Tree

Autumn produces some of the most vibrant colours of the year in the leaves of deciduous trees and shrubs.

Warren Marten, Gardener at Springhill said "I love autumn, as it’s always the way you expect it to be. Indeed, you can have a bad summer or a harsh winter, but autumn will always be autumn, doing what autumn does best. And just as we see nature preparing for the approaching winter, we are wise to follow in the footsteps."

Springhill grounds are open daily (for walks) and the main visitor areas are open every weekend in September and Sundays only in October. The autumn colours are a beautiful sight, not to be missed! Take the opportunity to see the golden and russet tones around the estate while the kids continue to tick off their ‘50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾’.

The tree lined vista at Springhill
Springhill avenue of trees
The tree lined vista at Springhill

Enjoy some tasty treats in the Barn Café at Springhill. Visitors can enjoy autumnal soup with homemade wheaten bread and some seasonal tasty treats. We’ve got free wi-fi too so mum and dad can catch up on the latest news and sit back while the kids enjoy the colouring in station.