Taking the outdoors indoors at Springhill

Visit Springhill to see how they bring the outdoors-indoors

Springhill gardens are well and truly in bloom and the grounds are alive with the sights and sounds of the season. In days gone by the vibrant gardens and woodland would have been much enjoyed and used by the many generations of the Lenox-Conyngham family who once lived at Springhill.

Taking the outdoors indoors at Springhill.

The family had a passion for the outdoors and this is reflected in some of the hidden gems located within the house. Visitors to the property can see special objects such as some re-loved plant books demonstrating that old age passion for flower pressing as well as a 400 year old mortar bowl that would have been used to crush herbs for medicinal purposes.

The conservation house team recently made an exciting discovery in the stores of some beautifully preserved mosses that have kept their vibrant colours for nearly 170 years. The specimens date from between 1851 and 1857 and the only information we have about them can be found on a small hand written label on the back of each of the plants. Some of the moss comes from Corrimony in central Scotland while some are from Rathronan, County Tipperary. How they found their way to Moneymore, we are unsure however they are a beautiful botanical highlight of our historic collection and can be seen on display in the house.