Seabirds on St David's Head

A gannet in flight

St David’s Head is a flying spectacular for seabirds and songbirds, so bring along your binoculars and enjoy a spot of coastal wildlife watching.

Birds you’ll see on St David’s Head

Ravens are huge with diamond-shaped tails and are early nesters. Listen for their deep croaks during your visit.

Another crow, but with red feet and bill. Around 60 pairs nest along the Pembrokeshire coast.

Often disputing airspace with ravens, peregrines are the other kings of the Pembrokeshire cliffs.

While the peregrine hunts flying prey, the kestrel hovers, hunting for beetles and voles below.

Around 39,000 pairs of gannets nest on Grassholm. Watch them dive for mackerel just offshore.

Songbirds of the Pembrokeshire coast

One of the first spring visitors, wheatears are easy to spot as they flash about flicking their white tails.

Stonechats perch on gorse bushes going 'squeak chack chack'. They rear up to three noisy families a year.

Dartford warbler
A rarity, but becoming a more regular breeding bird on coastal heaths – look for them in the same places as stonechat.

Twittering flocks of linnets are one of the sounds of summer on the coast. They nest in gorse bushes.

Listen out for their scratchy song from the dense scrubby slopes below Carn Llidi.