Things to see and do at St Michael's Mount

Red hot pokers at St Michael's Mount, Cornwall

Climb the cobbled pathway to a fairy-tale castle peering out to sea and witness architecture dating back to the 12th century.

Inside the castle walls

Discover the intricate plaster frieze in the Chevy Chase room, armour and weapons in the Garrison Room and a model of the Mount made of champagne corks by a former butler. Meet St Aubyn in a series of portraits and set your sights on spectacular views from the castle turrets.

Sub-tropical garden

Terraced beds boasting tender exotic plants tier steeply to the ocean's edge. Romantics can find the Medicago plant that came to the island in the wedding bouquet of the first Lady St Levan; children on a free trail can follow clues to a prize; and garden enthusiasts can buy a living piece of paradise to take home.
The gardens open from 18 April, at limited times. Check St Michael's Mount website before visiting.

Island life today

Visit a living island community where the harbourside village is a hive of everyday activity.
In its heyday as a busy port, the island population swelled to 300. Today visitors come and go, and St Michael's Mount is a much-loved home of the St Aubyn family and over 30 islanders.

History and legend

Go back in time to a monastery, a fortress, a port and a family home.
Witness gun batteries and suits of armour that hark back to the Wars of the Roses and the Civil War. Visit the Bronze Age Hoard exhibition. See a Joshua Reynolds portrait of the 5th Sir John St Aubyn, displayed in 2013 for the first time in 200 years after a successful bid at Christies, and the 600-year-old Syon Seal gifted to the St Aubyn family at the end of 2012.