Walking trail

Walk from Standen to Selsfield Common and back

Walking trail

A moderate walk for more experienced walkers, to and from Selsfield Common, a heathland habitat of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) with bilberry flowers in the spring.

Standen and surrounding estate, West Sussex


Map route for walk from Standen to Selsfield Common and back


Main entrance, Standen, grid ref: TQ389357


From the lower car park, walk back up to the main entrance and out past the sandstone rocks along the drive to the end where it joins the road. On the public road, turn left, walk 50yd (45m) past the green triangle with newly planted trees.


Cross the road and follow the footpath, through the woodland, leading leftwards to series of rugby fields. Walk along the right-hand edge of the field, (ignoring a footpath on the right which leads downhill to East Grinstead) towards the distant buildings, until you are able to step onto a concrete drive which runs alongside some cottages.


Follow this drive, past an old converted wood-clad chapel to a public road. Turn right and walk along the left-hand side of the road, past the entrance to Saint Hill Manor and the East Grinstead sports field to a footpath to the left.


Follow the path beside a green wire fence, until it reaches a concrete track. Turn left and then walk straight ahead between a hedge and metal fence beside a sports area. Follow the path which leads straight ahead into a thick woodland, ignoring the drive which turns sharp right. Follow this long path, sometimes muddy in places, gently down for about ½ mile (800m) to a sharp bend where you turn right into a field.


Follow the path almost to the opposite corner of the field, but turn down to the left through a gap in the hedge/tree line. Turn right immediately towards and over a stile, into the woodlands of the Ridgehill Woodlands Estate. Walk downhill to the private gravel drive and almost immediately turn left on the footpath.


Go down to a stile and into the field. Turn right and walk along the right-hand edge to the corner, through some woodland and emerge into another field. The path runs along two sides of this field, reaching yet another field through which the path becomes a wide grassy track.

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Walk ahead, down to the valley bottom by the fishing lake, to a brick bridge. Turn right across the bridge over a stream and walk through the farmyard of Mill Place Farm. Follow the track under the Bluebell Railway bridge, ignoring the footpath to the left. Enter the woods, in which you turn left onto a footpath. This leads across an asphalt road, through a kissing gate, and into a field.


Walk beside the left-hand edge of the field and cross a wooden sleeper bridge. Follow the muddy path, between sedges in a woodland, until you pass through a kissing gate into another field. Follow the left-hand edge of the field and turn immediately left when you reach a stony drive. This deeply-rutted farm track leads past the end of the Gravetye Lake. The route can be shortened in summer months by turning right off the track and following the path along the left-hand side of the lake but this eliminates an interesting viewpoint further along.

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Follow the track out into a grassy field in a straight line, uphill, almost parallel to the right-hand woodland edge. When you reach a gap in the trees, the footpath continues uphill into the next field, to a viewpoint and a stile.

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At this point the route makes a 170-degree turn, down towards a large clump of oak trees, halfway down the slope. The path enters the clump and emerges in the next field, whose left-hand edge leads you down towards the corner, heading towards Gravetye Manor.


Leave the field and descend some crude stone steps, over two wooden planks, and along the rough path down to another stile into another field. The indistinct paths follows the left-hand edge of the field, in which a small barn/shed is visible up on the right. Passing through clumps of bracken and gorse, you should reach the corner of this field and desend into woodland. Ignore an indistinct path down to the left by the fingerpost and pass through a wood and metal kissing gate. Follow a wire fence, past the end of another lake.

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Follow the path past the lake, uphill alongside the wire railing on top of an old low brick wall. Cross the private drive of Gravetye Manor and then cross the car park of the staff quarters. Forward uphill through an anti-deer gate. Follow the track past a walled garden on the right, along to a bend by a fingerpost.


Turn right here through another tall anti-deer gate and persist up a long dark track under laurels, between banks, while the track becomes sunken. After passing a back garden, carry on past a long low brick farm building. Where the path levels out it continues between rhododendrons to reach the private drive of Moatlands, on Vowells Lane. Emerge on a bend in Vowells Lanes, by a small red post box at the entrance to Moatlands. Walk along Vowells lane to the kissing gate just past Kingscote Kennels. Follow this rough track through the woodland to a field. Walk along the straight wide grassy track across the field towards the distant buildings.

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Walk through a kissing gate and across a private drive, past two Wellingtonia trees and along a wide grassy path between two paling-and-wire fences. Walk through a small kissing gate beside a large wooden gate. This is Selsfield Common and the turning point for the return to Standen. If you follow the fingerposts in a straight-ish line until you exit the wood at a memorial bench there is a view over the Weald and Turners Hill.

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The return route is the same as the outward route, unless some skilled map-work enables an interesting variation. The bus route can be reached by walking south-westwards along the gravel drive to the main road. 84 and 82 buses to East Grinstead will stop here if signalled clearly and in good time, although the bus-stop disappeared in 1977!


Main entrance, Standen, grid ref: TQ389357

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Walk from Standen to Selsfield Common and back


Mainly on good paths and roads but there can be muddy patches and there are several stiles.

Dogs on leads are welcome.

This walk uses footpaths that are not under our control. The walk is checked occasionally but if you find any problems please contact us so we can re-check the directions and conditions for other walkers.

Walk from Standen to Selsfield Common and back

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Walk from Standen to Selsfield Common and back

How to get here

Standen, West Hoathly Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 4NE
By train

East Grinstead station 2.5 miles (4km).

By road

2 miles (3.2km) south of East Grinstead, signposted from town centre and B2110 (Turners Hill Road). Postcode for Sat Nav: RH19 4NE.

By bus

Metrobus 84 stops at the end of the drive, ½ mile (0.8km) walk to reception.

By bicycle

2 miles (3.2km) south of East Grinstead town centre. National Cycle Network Route 21, 1.25 miles (2km).

Walk from Standen to Selsfield Common and back

Facilities and access

  • Café, toilets and shop at Standen
  • Car park not open outside of opening hours
  • Dogs on leads are welcome