Christmas at The Argory

Winter Arbours at The Argory

Even though Christmas 2020 will be a little different for everyone, we're looking forward to welcoming you to The Argory for festive walks, fresh air and lots of Christmas cheer.

Winter Walking

Grab a warming hot drink from the Courtyard Coffee Shop and enjoy a refreshing walk in our grounds which look spectacular with a sprinkle of Jack Frost. Stroll along the River Blackwater or wander our gorgeous gardens to spend time in nature this winter. Join us for a walk this winter and enjoy landscapes at their seasonal best.

When the trees have lost their leaves, the rugged beauty of their textured bark and spreading branches are revealed. Large oaks with their full crowns create beautiful silhouettes against the winter sky, while the frost glistens on the golden branches of the larch.

Busy woodland residents are easily spotted traversing the tangled network of branches with ease, gathering fodder for their winter feasts. Red robins with their feathers all fluffed up against the cold follow the gardener waiting for tasty treats to be unearthed as he works the soil. It’s the perfect time of year to see a kingfisher perched above the icy river blackwater warming himself up in a patch of winter sun.

A small but mighty bird
Spot a Kingfisher at The Argory
A small but mighty bird