The High Peak moors vision

Let’s face it, from a dramatic landscape point of view the High Peak Moors have it all; rocky tors, spectacular valleys and cloughs, and miles of wild and remote peat bog. They are a place loved and valued by so many for so many reasons, whether it’s a place to exercise, to witness amazing wildlife, to catch a view, or a place where people work. This is why the National Trust in the Peak District are committed to working hard to protect the moors and keep them special for ever for everyone.

So that we could achieve this ambition we needed a plan and in 2013, the High Peak Moors Vision was launched. This is a 50 year plan detailing what we are trying to achieve on the moors and how we are hoping to do it.

For simplicity, the High Peak Moors Vision is divided into five key elements:

View across hills near Kinder reservoir

People being inspired 

The rugged beauty of the moors give so many chances to get closer to nature, which is why it is so important that we look after them forever for everyone. Whether you prefer walking, running or cycling, find out here how you can get active and explore.

Tenant farmer working the sheep on Fallowlees Farm on the Wallington Estate, Northumberland.

People looking after the land 

We can't achieve all the work we need to do to look after the High Peak Moors on our own. There are so many people working with us to achieve outcomes that will keep the moors special.

Wardens at work on the High Peak Estate

Secure and healthy peat bogs 

We are working hard to restore the blanket bogs on the High Peak moors. It is a vital for many reasons, read here to find out why.

Mountain hare sat in heather

Vibrant wildlife including birds of prey 

We all love to see wildlife and we are working so hard to make sure that the High Peak moors are able to sustain species that are specific to our moorland.

View of clough and hills

More trees and shrubs in the valleys and cloughs 

The woodlands in the Peak District are home to a variety of native trees, have a mix of different trees in woodlands is important. This offers diversity in insects, bird and mammals – making our countryside rich in wildlife and our woodlands more sustainable and resistant to climate change.

To download a full or summary version of the High Peak Moors Vision, click on the links below. The Research button will take you to our partner, Moors for the Future web page where you will find more in depth scientific information.


The High Peak Moors Vision

You can read the 50 year vision in full for the High Peak moors here.

Our vision for the High Peak Moors

You can download the summary of our vision for the High Peak Moors here.

Research and Monitoring

Alongside the physical work on the moors is the research and monitoring of organisms, processes and functions that shape moorland ecosystems.