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Things to see and do at Kinder, Edale and the High Peak

Sunny view with blue sky, from a rocky peak out over open moor and fields, with water in the distance
View from Kinderlow End, Kinder Scout, Derbyshire | © National Trust Images/Andrew Butler

From far-reaching views across the Peak District to natural rock formations and important wildlife habitats, there’s lots to see at Kinder, Edale and the High Peak. Look out for these seasonal highlights on your next walk, bike ride or run through the Peak District.

Top things to see

Among the heather-clad moors and gritstone tors of Kinder, Edale and the High Peak, there are lots of natural features to look out for in the changing landscapes.

Top places to see include the famous Snake Pass gliding between the peaks, and Alport Castles, an eroded rock face created by landslide in the Alport Valley.

Kinder Scout is the highest point in the Peak District, where you’ll find countryside views, remote moorland, gritstone rock formations and Kinder Downfall, a waterfall that often freezes in winter. Follow in the footsteps of the mass trespass of 1935 at Kinder Scout, where hundreds of protestors paved the way to allow more access to open countryside.

Please note that parking in the Peak District is limited, and we encourage all visitors to travel by public transport where possible.

Things to do

Throughout the year we hold guided walks and a range of other activities to help you explore the area. You can find out about our upcoming events here.

Kinder National Nature Reserve

Kinder Scout is a National Nature Reserve, making it an important habitat for wildlife and biodiversity. Kinder has been used by the National Trust, the Peak District National Park Authority and the Moors for the Future Partnership as a demonstration site for moorland restoration techniques for many years.

Many of today’s widely used techniques for gully blocking and bare peat restoration were developed on Kinder Scout and surrounding National Trust owned moorland.

National Nature Reserves are open to the public, and we welcome our visitors to enjoy them freely whilst looking after this special place that you love to escape to.

Spring walks in the High Peak

Dust off your boots after a winter in the cupboard and head out into the Peak District to explore the returning wildlife and new shoots around Kinder Reservoir. Start off the walking season with a gentle circular walk from Hayfield to the heather moors in the foothills of Kinder Scout. Find out more about this walk here.

Spring wildlife to look out for

Woodland and ground nesting birds are making nests and lambs and calves being born. So, it is more important than ever to make sure dogs are on leads.

Birds like golden plover and curlew start nesting on the ground. Listen out for the distinctive sound of the curlew. You can also look out and listen for lapwings, with their ‘space invaders’ call, on the shorter grassland areas on farms surrounding the moor. Flycatchers also return from migration to the wooded valleys to nest.

Bluebells are emerging in the wooded valleys of the High Peak and blossom is starting to appear in hedgerows.

A lapwing on the moors taking flight from amongst the grass showing its colourful plumage and wings
A lapwing | © National Trust Images/Dougie Holden

Native trees in the Peak District

The woodlands in the Peak District are home to a variety of native trees, offering diversity for insects, birds and mammals. Here are some to look out for during your visit.

A lichen-spattered tree and its exposed roots in Padley Gorge on the Longshaw Estate, Peak District, Derbyshire
A lichen-spattered tree and its exposed roots in Padley Gorge on the Longshaw Estate | © National Trust Images/Joe Cornish

The mighty oak

One of the most loved trees in Britain and the symbol of the National Trust, this slow-growing tree is identifiable in spring and summer by its unique leaf shape; the vibrant green leaves with regular lobes are accompanied in late summer/early autumn by acorns.

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Two children sitting on the big stones at Back Tor, Edale, Derbyshire overlooking the stunning view.

Discover more at Kinder, Edale and the High Peak

Find out how to get to Kinder, Edale and the High Peak, where to park, the things to see and do and more.

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