Dangerous or Otherwise, a sensory and thought-provoking experience at The Workhouse

Old bath filled with shoes and water. The bath is glowing red with the text 'Unwed Mothers of Greet House' written on it.

The immersive installation Dangerous or Otherwise was the culmination of the collaborative work with Bare Project, The Workhouse's creative fellows for 2017.

Working in partnership with Newark Emmaus Trust, Bare Project's performance over three evenings in September was both an 'emotional' and 'thought-provoking' exploration of poverty and homelessness.

Audience selecting a stone as part of the performance
Dark photograph with green table cloth with rocks on it. There a people stand on the outside of the table.

Derek Wileman, a long-standing research volunteer at The Workhouse, collaborated with Bare Project on the developmnet of the installation.

" I couldn't have imagined the research that I had done could be used in this way. It was so powerful to walk up the path towards The Workhouse listening to pauper Henry Stanley's story overlaid with the voice of a 16 year old homeless person."
- Derek Wileman, research volunteer
Max from The Bare Project, creative fellows 2017
Bare Project interactive arts comapny work test their microphone

The creative fellow programme encourages artists to interpret the building’s history and stories and invites a response which might be dark, challenging and unorthodox. The Bare Project, a Sheffield based theatre and interactive arts company, were The Workhouse’s creative fellows for 2017. Since January they were having meeting Workhouse volunteers, delving into the archive and running workshops.

" Bare encouraged us to draw on archive research to distill the essence of a pauper character in a few words, helping us to bring inmates' stories to life."
- Jane Bench, Workhouse volunteer
Kieran from Newark Emmaus trust tests out the technology in a Firbeck bathroom.
Kieran from Newark Emmaus Trust wearing headphones in Firbeck bathroom

Look out for news on this years creative fellow who will be collaborating with The Workhouse.