Explore The Workhouse with children's trails

Young girl completing a Workhouse children's trail looking out the window for answers

Younger visitors have a challenge awaiting them at The Workhouse as they explore life in the institution through the eyes of staff and paupers using special trails.

Trails to collect

There are four trails to collect each based around real workhouse characters. Pauper children, Kate Parker, Joseph Disney and Master and Matron each have a trail and on completion children can collect a special stamp which permits their release from The Workhouse.

Dressing up

There's an oppoortunity to dress up as pauper boys and girls in specially recreated costumes. You can find these in the schoolroom and they are available in two different sizes. Why not get your photo taken while writing on slate in your best copperplate writng?


Cast your vote

Special colouring sheets are available to complement the exhibition The History of The Workhouse in 20 objects.Younger visitors can cast their vote for their favourite object at home and add them to the display:bed and technology are the current winners!

Seasonal activites for children and families

There are special trails, craft activities and play opportunites during the holidays and on events days see the What's on area of the website.