Get creative this autumn at The Workhouse

Graffiti on Workhouse wall created by pauper

The paupers had little opportunity to be creative but if you look carefully you can see their graffiti on the walls, what were they drawing and why were they not discovered by Master? Visitors, however, can be more open about their artistic efforts this autumn with a range of opportunities to suit all.

Release your inner Banksy…

…But not on The Workhouse walls! We will provide special brick-wall paper for visitors to express their views and reactions through graffiti, as well as give those with more traditional artistic aspirations the opportunity to put pencil to paper as part of Big Draw on 9 October.

Knobbly squash from The Workhouse recreated vegetable garden
White knobbly squash from Workhouse garden
Knobbly squash from The Workhouse recreated vegetable garden

Spooky squashes

Pumpkins are so passé; why not create a scary squash for Hallowe’en? The Workhouse’s recreated vegetable garden has knobbly and weirdly shaped vegetables ready to turn into fearsome creatures or even a tasty warming soup. Pick one up at Harvest Weekend on 1 and 2 October and find out how the paupers prepared for the winter months ahead.

Pumpkins and squashes decorated for Hallowe'en
Pumkins and squahes decorated with rats, bats and cats created by children
Pumpkins and squashes decorated for Hallowe'en

Rats, bats and cats

During half term week children can follow a new trail with George the Cat as he explores the nooks and crannies of The Workhouse building or get creative with a craft session to make their own spooky critters on 26 October. At the end of the week on 29 October Museums at Night returns to The Workhouse with ‘Sinister Stories’, an evening exploring the darker side of life within the institution (booking essential).