Museums at Night: Stories of Hope

Costumed pauper character looking hopeful

Based on research from The Workhouse archives, this storytelling evening, part of Museums at Night, recounts the tales of characters who found some form of comfort in this much feared institution.

You will assume the role of a rate payer of the Southwell Union parishes coming to find out how your money is being spent at The Workhouse. You will meet Master, Matron and a Guardian from the period between 1830 and 1870. They will be promoting the system and its efficacy at keeping costs down but what of the individuals who found themselves, often through no fault of their own, incarcerated in The Workhouse walls?

What happened to the widow who was given sanctuary when her husband was killed in an accident? Or the women who was accused of child murder, did she get justice? And what of the children who were educated in the institution, did they gain suitable employment? Find out the answers and sometimes unexpected outcomes to these cases and more at the storytelling evening.

Book your place

Museums at Night: Stories of Hope, Friday 13 May, 6.30-8.30pm. Tickets cost £10 adult and £5 child (12yrs+) and need to be booked in advance online or by calling 0844 2491895 (5% booking fee applies). Book early to avoid disappointment.