Stitching together our past

Carefully stitched name tags on a wall hanging

One in ten of us have a workhouse connection in our past. Starting from census records, birth and death registers and even the punishment book, a team of Workhouse volunteer researchers have followed a trail of clues to find out more about pauper inmates and the staff in charge of looking after them.

Now, The Workhouse researchers need you!

We have learnt huge amounts about the people who lived and worked here and even their lives outside workhouse walls, but some mysteries remain. Hanging in the wash house are over twenty hand-sewn name tags, carefully made by The Workhouse sewing group. These are names taken from archive records, which have proven challenging for the research volunteers to investigate.

Help us find out more about the more mysterious names by letting us know about any connection you might have with these surnames. Do you have a friend with the same name? Perhaps there’s a name on your family tree which connects you to our hidden stories?

Visit us during June to see the wall hanging in place, or if you have a story to share with us or would just like to know more,  give us a call on 01636 817260.

Unravelling the past - oakum picking
Frayed piece of rope known as oakum
Unravelling the past - oakum picking

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