The winner is the Births and Deaths Register

Birth and Death register 1914 to 1940 recording Workhouse inmates details

It is 20 years since The Workhouse was acquired by the National Trust and one of the ways we have been marking this milestone is through a display of objects co-curated with visitors. Not many people realise that The Workhouse has a collection of over 1,000 objects which are rarely seen by visitors. From coils of oakum to lost shoes, even everyday items have a story to tell and spark memories which resonate.

'We have been delighted to the responce to this exhibition and how we have been able to help build our collective history through visitor contributions. The Births and Deaths Register was the outright winner with 541 votes and will now go on display throughout the 2018 season', says Fiona Lewin, Workhouse Conservation Officer.

An initial selection of 20 objects was be made by Workhouse volunteers and staff with the display opening to visitors on 4 March and running until 5 November. Every two months five of these objects were displayed; visitors were encouraged to add their thoughts, memories and comments and vote for their favourite. The winner from each selection was displayed and the final winning items were revealed at The Workhouse Christmas event on 2 and 3 December.

Young visitors vote for their favourite object at home, as part of the 20 objects exhibition
two children write labels to vote for their favourite object at home