The Workhouse in 20 objects winner: birth and death register

Extract from the recently conserved births and deaths register

Over 2,000 votes have now been received since the exhibition opened at the start of the season. The Register of Births and Deaths was the winner of the second round of voting gaining over half of the votes cast.

Workhouse records are often scarce with so many having been destroyed or lost through time. Dating from 1914 until 1940, the register lists births in the front and deaths in the back for the period when The Workhouse had become known as Greet House. Once one of the many records kept by the Master, it now provides a rare glimpse of the individuals who stayed here.

The register was discovered in the ceiling upstairs during restoration work. It has been repaired and conserved this year following a kind donation by the North Nottinghamshire National Trust Association.

" I wonder about the lives of the people who were born and died here. What brought them to The Workhouse? I also like looking at the handwritten entries and to see how writing styles have changed over time. It makes me think about the person who entered the details and what their lives were like too."
- Shelley, our Administrator who maintains records and budgets much like The Workhouse Master.