Why The Workhouse is conserving Firbeck Infirmary

Portacabins erected outside Firbeck house

Re-imagining The Workhouse is a five year project which is due for completion in spring 2019. This included the decision to open up Firbeck for the public to experience.

The National Trust acquired Firbeck House in 1999 after we bought the wider Workhouse site in 1997. At this time, the focus was on the monumental task of getting the main workhouse building open to the public and telling the story of this influential workhouse from 1824.

The work of staff and volunteers has allowed us to seek external funding to explain the important story of the workhouse infirmary and the contribution of the new poor law union to the development of public healthcare and the modern welfare state.

Workhouse front facade on acquisition in 1997
Workhouse front facade on acquisition in 1997
Workhouse front facade on acquisition in 1997

Now, we want to reveal the significance of Firbeck Infirmary in the history of The Workhouse and to protect and enhance the site so it can be understood by you and future generations. This includes engaging visitors, connecting the property to its history, stories and place in today’s world and thereby delivering a Workhouse which is relevant to you and the 21st Century.

A room in Firbeck Infirmary with peeling wallpaper

The Workhouse – not just papering over the cracks  

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